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About Me



Hi, there! I'm Liza Boodhansingh, and I love cake! Since I was young, I have enjoyed my sweets. As a kid, I was always looking for something sugary to eat, whether it was cake, cookies, or candy. We always had plenty of sweets in our house growing up. I liked to help my mom with baking desserts, but if there weren't any homemade baked goods around, there were definitely Tastykakes or pastries from a local bakery. 

Having a love for sweets since a young age inspired me to bake on my own. As much as I loved to visit different bakeries to pick up yummy treats, I wanted to bake them myself. I was my mom's little baking helper for as long as I can remember. Here's a picture to prove it! 






In October of 2017 after being told by a number of friends and family how much they enjoyed my baking, it finally hit me. I should have been more serious about baking all along! So, I started baking more... A LOT more. And that's how I ended up here with Boodelicious Cakes!

I focus mainly on baking cakes, but I like to experiment with other desserts. I make all of my desserts from scratch and enjoy the challenge of a new recipe.  

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